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The Increasing Risk of Occupational Cancer

The Health and Safety Executive estimates there are now 13,500 new cases of occupational cancer each year with over 8,000 deaths. The TUC estimates over 20,000 new cases with over 15,000 deaths. Shift work is now classified as a Group 2A carcinogen (probably carcinogenic to humans). Key note speakers at this seminar hosted by Check4Cancer were Dr Lesley Rushton of Imperial University who leads the study in the burden of occupational cancer in Britain and Nick Pargeter of Berrymans, a leading lawyer in occupational disease.

On 30th April at Home House London, over sixty delegates with a wide range of responsibility for, or interest in, employee health joined us for an informative discussion on the implications of the increasing occupational cancer risk for employers. Professor Gordon Wishart shared ideas and methodologies for risk mitigation.

You can access the slide presentations from the link below.

Download the presentation:
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Read medical papers on occupational cancer risks:
1. Flight Personnel Have 2-3 Times Increased Risk Of Skin Cancer
2. Night Shift Workers Have 51% Increased Breast Cancer Risk
3. Flight Personnel Have 44% Increased Breast Cancer Risk
4. Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer In Men Who Work Night Shifts

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