Professor Gordon Wishart speaks to BBC News on World Cancer Day

Thursday 4th February was World Cancer Day and our Chief Medical Officer, Professor Gordon Wishart, joined BBC News to discuss the delays to cancer diagnosis and treatment caused by the pandemic.

In 2020, over 32,000 fewer people were diagnosed with cancer than in 2019, meaning these people have either been diagnosed late or are yet to be diagnosed. This delay is having a huge impact on people’s lives as the earlier cancer is diagnosed, the better a patient’s outcome. It is also causing significant added stress for these people which is detrimental to their mental health at a time when we’re all already struggling.

Professor Wishart spoke to the BBC to raise awareness of this and encourage everyone to attend any screening appointments that you are invited to. We understand you may be scared of going to the doctor in these uncertain times, but we can’t stress enough the importance of regular screening and if you have any concerns or suspected symptoms, speak to your GP or cancer specialist as soon as possible.

For those worried they have missed screening appointments or are experiencing delays, Check4Cancer offers a range of screening and diagnostic services including affordable at-home screening test kits: BowelCheck, PSACheck, HPVCheck and LungCheck.

Check for cancer – it could save your life.