Combating Cancer 2021 Report

Check4Cancer is delighted to feature in The Times as part of Raconteur's 'Combating Cancer 2021 Report'.  The 16-page special report published in today's edition of The Times covers such topics as: 

  • The Covid effect: clearing the cancer backlog 
  • A three-pronged assault on cancer 
  • Revolutionising cancer care through genetic testing 
  • Surviving cancer 
  • Making cancer treatment 'more human' 
  • Genomics poses data questions for the insurance industry 
  • Prostate cancer: time to talk about the side effects 

Professor Gordon Wishart, Check4Cancer's chief medical officer features in the article 'genomics poses data questions for the insurance industry', and discusses how getting screening right is critical in improving our cancer survival rates. 

You can download the digital report here