Professor Wishart speaks with The Telegraph on aiming for 'super normal' when it comes to cancer services

Professor Gordon Wishart, CMO at Check4Cancer speaks with Alison Pearson and Liam Halligan from The Daily Telegraph on their ‘Planet Normal’ podcast. Professor Wishart discusses in this episode that there is no point in returning to pre-pandemic ‘normal’ when it comes to cancer services as they were failing before the pandemic.  Professor Wishart states that we must aim for ‘super normal’ and how that for many years cancer waiting time targets were met due to the goodwill of staff putting on extra clinics, however, that goodwill has now run out. Professor Wishart gives his view on the impact of successive lockdowns on UK cancer services and what needs to happen now to find the 50,000 people with missed cancers and plan a new cancer strategy that improves cancer survival in the UK.

Listen to the ‘Planet Normal’ podcast here.