Mr Per Hall, Clincal Advisor for Skin Cancer

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Cambridge.

It is important to check your skin and come forward with any lesion on the skin which has either changed in size, shape or colour or is new. This advice helps to a degree but only by careful evaluation of the story of that changing mole supported by careful evaluation of detailed pictures which look at the structure of it within the skin (dermoscopy) can guidance be given. SkinCheck helps separate out lesions that have friendly appearances from those that need to be considered more carefully in case they are suspicious of skin cancer.

Mr Per Hall has been a consultant plastic surgeon in Cambridge since 1995. He has been a pioneer in the early detection of skin cancer using computer imaging for over 20 years. Mr Hall and his team have had a major input in the development of SIAscopy, producing the most clinical papers on the subject. He continues to collaborate in studies aiming to help identify suspicious skin lesions at the earliest opportunity and continues to work with computer scientists on ways to improve diagnosis including the use of artificial intelligence. Mr Hall is also committed to the reconstructive surgical needs of children in developing countries and regularly trains surgeons in cleft lip and palate surgery in Ethiopia to facilitate this. Mr Hall oversees the SkinCheck service.