Vicki Kiesel, Consultant Genetic Counsellor

For those with a family history of cancer, genetic testing is an invaluable tool, helping them to understand their risk of developing cancer. Genetic testing can help to reassure those at low risk while enabling individuals at high risk to make proactive decisions to lower their chance of cancer and increase the likelihood of early detection.

Vicki Kiesel is a consultant genetic counsellor who holds certification in the UK, US and Europe. Vicki has worked within the field of cancer genetics for over 14 years and as well as managing a national network of genetic counsellors for GeneHealth and leads a team of genetic counsellors in the NHS across Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. She has recently led the development of the new LNR service, developed the tumour testing service and become involved in the GMS bid. She teaches cancer risk assessment to allied healthcare as well as medical professionals and is a mentor to genetic counsellors.

Vicki previously led a team of NHS genetic counsellors covering North London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and has been a medical adviser for Eastenders as well as appearing on various television programs. She has worked with numerous specialists in the development of policies and guidelines in relation to cancer genetics. Prior to this Vicki led the oncology genetics department at Stamford Hospital in the US and launched the first colorectal cancer registry in the state of Connecticut.