Siemens Appoints Check4Cancer

1st December 2011: Check4Cancer has been chosen to provide breast and skin cancer screening to Siemens Employees

Siemens has introduced two new health benefits to its Flexible Benefits programme, ‘My choice’ for 2012.

As part of a wider approach to health and wellbeing, Siemens employees can now choose both BreastCheck and SkinCheck from Check4Cancer to help them become the first line of defence against two of the most common cancers.

Isy Raza, My choice Specialist at Siemens said,’ As a company, we are aware of the rising incidence of breast and skin cancer and the impact this has on our employees and the business. What we like about Check4Cancer is that they provide a risk based and totally personalised approach to screening. Almost as important as the screening is the education and guidance their specialist clinicians give each individual. The pricing structure also means that these services are readily accessible.’

John Picken, Managing Director of Check4Cancer said, ‘We are really pleased to be working with such a forward thinking employer as Siemens in developing their health and wellbeing strategy. By offering these benefits, not only are they protecting their employees and the business, they are supporting the Government strategy on cancer ‘Improving Outcomes’