Breast cancer sufferers put lives at risk by delaying GP appointments

14th April 2015: The Guardian reports this week that almost a fifth of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer after spotting a potential symptom wait more than a month before seeing their GP, “jeopardising their chances of effective treatment”.

About 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK each year, and approximately 65% of cases come to light as a result of symptoms. The proportion of women who put off seeing their GP for a month or more was found to be 17%, which equates to an estimated 6,000 women every year in the UK.

The charity also found that almost a third (30%) of the 40 women surveyed who waited over a month to visit their GP believed their symptom wasn’t a serious issue. Most alarming of all, however, was the discovery that one in 20, or about 5%, had waited more than six months before seeing their GP – a delay that potentially puts their lives at risk.

The trend was revealed by a YouGov survey conducted for Breast Cancer Care which polled 409 individuals – 403 of whom were women – between 11 and 16 February.

The Guardian quoted Breast Cancer Care’s chief executive, Samia al Qadhi, as saying: “There have been many awareness raising campaigns around breast cancer symptoms, but our survey suggests that the job still isn’t done. The sooner a cancer is diagnosed, the more effective treatment is likely to be, so it is extremely concerning that some women are waiting more than six months to visit their GP after finding a breast symptom ... Early diagnosis of breast cancer can mean simpler and more effective treatment.”

Gordon Wishart, Professor of Cancer Surgery and Medical Director of Check4Cancer, comments:“Breast cancer has a high profile, with a number of women in the public eye having come forward in recent years to talk openly about their diagnosis and treatment, from Kylie Minogue to Angelina Jolie. We are also better at treating it, which means it has the highest survival rate of all of the common cancers. But despite the widespread awareness of the disease, this survey shows that a proportion of women still either misunderstand symptoms or are frightened to act.

Part of the reason for our success with breast cancer is that the warning signs can be picked up far earlier than other cancers, many of which have no symptoms at all in their early stages. Nothing is more critical to the outcome of cancer treatment than early detection. The work we do at Check4Cancer involves not just screening for common cancers, but also education and raising awareness of cancer symptoms and signs, and this is especially important with regard to breast cancer. Women themselves are the first line of defence when it comes to breast health, being best placed to detect unusual changes in their own bodies. We must work to ensure they have the information and the confidence to take control of their breast health. Doing so will save lives.”


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