Winter Sports | Skin Cancer Risk on Ski Slopes

SkinHealth UK experts not only advise holidaymakers to take sunscreen with them, but also to take care of their skin equally as much as they would during a summer holiday.

Despite the freezing mountain temperatures, this is one of the places that you’re most likely to get sunburned and suffer from skin damage. The reason behind this is predominantly due to being at a higher altitude, which provides less atmosphere to filter the UV rays.

Snow also reflects 85 per cent of the rays off the ground. This is often the reason that skiers and snowboarders can be burnt in unusual areas such as under the chin and nose, even in the shade.

The problem is made worse by the fact that the skin areas exposed to the sun on a ski holiday, particularly the face, are the most likely areas for skin cancer to develop. In addition, due to the nature of winter sports, keen skiers and snowboarders will be exposed to the sun’s UV rays on the slopes for six to seven hours per day. Per Hall, Clinical Director of SkinHealth UK said “Most people know too much sun exposure causes sunburn – but fewer people realize that the ultraviolet rays in sunlight cause DNA damage in skin cells which may create a skin cancer time-bomb. This is often the case with those who partake in skiing and snowboarding, both fashionable sports, wanting to look good on the slopes and return with a tan”.

“Just one episode of sunburn, especially in childhood, doubles the lifetime risk of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, so it really is essential that people pay as much attention to looking after and protecting their skin whilst on the slopes as they do looking after other aspects of their appearance”.

With over 100,000 people diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the UK and over 2,800 dying of the disease, it’s important to detect any changes to your skin early to enable quick and effective treatment.

At SkinHealth UK, we know that early detection of skin cancer is crucial and saves lives. This is why we offer SkinCheck+.

SkinCheck+ is an innovative high quality service recently launched by SkinHealth UK and designed to detect damage in the skin which can be associated with skin cancer. It utilises the latest facial UV imaging technology which allows to visually demonstrate the unseen damage done to your skin by UV light in sunshine.

SkinCheck+ is exclusively available from our clinic in London - The Private Clinic, London City on the 15th April, 2015.

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