Warning over suntan lotion application

Per Hall, Clinical Advisor for SkinHealth UK comments on BBC news health warning. “This article reminds us of how important it is to employ sun avoidance behaviour before even starting with sun protection creams. In the current heatwave avoid direct sunshine between 11.00 and 15.00 and cover up with hats and loose clothing to hold back the suns rays. Sun protection cream clearly needs to be evenly and repeatedly applied to exposed parts and even the water-resistant ones will rub off the skin from playing on the beach, swimming or drying off with a towel after a swim. Take care with childrens skin – their total cumulative uv sun exposure starts when they are toddlers! The higher the uv protection the longer it holds back the suns rays but, just like cooking biscuits in a low oven, if you forget about them for too long they can still burn! The article helps quantify the volume of sun-cream to use per application. We are all perhaps surprised as to how much is required to get the full benefit. Take care in the sun and remember to get anything that is new or changed in size, shape or colour, double checked.” Click here to read BBC News health warning