Skin cancer clinics open throughout the UK

If you have any concerns about a specific mole or any new skin changes, then Check4Cancer can provide you with fast track access to our Skin Diagnosis Clinics via our SkinHealth network. We have specialist priority clinics, located throughout the UK, that are open and reserved for skin diagnosis appointments.  We understand that during this period NHS access is limited and we are offering this service to self-pay customers for £175.

What can I expect at my Skin Diagnosis appointment?

  • An experienced skin cancer nurse will conduct an assessment of moles/lesions of concern using Dermoscopy* Please note that the nurse can only check up to a maximum of three moles/lesions of concern due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • High quality digital and dermoscopic images will be taken of any suspicious moles/ lesions
  • Following your appointment, you will receive a mole/lesion results letter within five working days of your appointment. The results letter will contain any images that were taken on the day for your records.
  • If any abnormality is discovered, SkinHealth can assist you with a referral to your GP or a private consultant for further investigation.

* Dermoscopy is a non-invasive method to examine your skin. A dermatoscope is a hand-held instrument, a bit like a magnifying glass, which can magnify an area by up to 10 times. The nurse will normally put some lubricant on your skin and then will place the dermatoscope on your skin so they can examine the area very closely. This process does not hurt or affect your skin.

Who is this service for?

  • If you are concerned about a specific mole or new skin changes, this service is for you.

How do I book my appointment?

If you would like to book an appointment, then please call us on 0800 876 6662 or visit our booking page.

Skin Diagnosis Clinics OPEN NOW

Clinic Location Open
Aberdeen Clinic Aberdeen Open
GP Plus Ltd Edinburgh Open
Medical Suite Scotland Glasgow Open
Darras Hall Newcastle 18 June
Pall Mall Medical Liverpool 18 June
Pall Mall Medical Manchester 9 June
South Manchester Diagnostics South Manchester Open
Wellbeing Clinic Derby Open
Egbaston Private Medical Practice Birmingham Open
Inhealth Diagnostics Milton Keynes Open
Litfield House Medical Centre Bristol 9 June
The Bridge Clinic Maidenhead 8 June
Medical Imaging Partnership London Open
193 Whitecross Street London Open
Lyca Health Canary Wharf Open
The Wellness Therapy Centre Croydon Open
Farnham Physiotherapy and Sports clinic Farnham Open
KIMS Hospital Maidstone Open
Prime Health Weybridge Open