Cancer in the workplace: what does it mean for HR?

In a new report by Check4Cancer, Cancer in the workplace: what does it mean for HR?, we take a look at the implications of cancer for employers, why it’s an important issue for workplaces to address and discuss the role HRs professionals can play to provide support to employees affected by this disease.

 "We all know someone fighting cancer, either through work or in our personal lives. Living with cancer for the long-term is becoming the norm for many people, with consequences for health services, families and employers. HR needs to be planning now for the future, thinking through in detail what the implications are, and in practical terms what kinds of support it can offer for its people, as part of its statutory duty of care, but also as an employer in tune with the real concerns and needs of its staff," says Professor Gordon Wishart, Medical Director of Check4Cancer UK.

According to a new survey of HR professionals undertaken as part of this report, all employers should be providing annual cancer screening for staff. In fact, 95% gave their backing to the need for regular, free cancer checks for all employees in response to the growing prevalence of cancer among the working population, and rising numbers of cancer 'survivors' who return to work.

The report outlines the key actions HR must include in an ‘anti-cancer’ strategy and includes discussion from Dr Pixie McKenna, Clinical Advisor of General Medical Services at Check4Cancer on the role of cancer screening as part of a general health and wellbeing focus within organisations.

Key HR leaders from Hewlett Packard, Mazars and Lend Lease also share their experience of implementing a proactive cancer screening regime within their own organisations.

To download your copy of Cancer in the workplace: what does it mean for HR? please click here.


About Check4Cancer

Check4Cancer Ltd. (previously known as International HealthScreen Technologies Ltd) started its existence in Cambridge in 2006 when the two founders Prof Gordon Wishart and Troels Jordansen met. The first BreastHealth UK clinic started at Spire Cambridge Lea in April 2008.

Today Check4Cancer offers 6 innovative different services for early detection of cancer. The services are:

BowelCheck                 BreastCheck                  GynaeCheck       
LungCheck                   ProstateCheck               SkinCheck          

 Above 6 services cover 90% of all new cancer incidence in the United Kingdom every year.

The services are supervised by a Board of Clinical Advisors; please click here for more details. All advisors are nationally renown  experts within each cancer area.

Throughout a network of over 80 clinics across the United Kingdom private individuals and companies can access these services. 2 of the life saving services (BowelCheck and GynaeCheck) requires no clinic but are based on home sampling.

Besides services for early detection of cancer Check4Cancer also operates the largest independent network of genetic counsellors and test. GeneHealth UK offers several cancer genetic tests ranging from gold standard BRCA 1&2 tests to innovative cancer panels. Pre-conception testing is being introduced during 2015.

With around 1 out of 2 Britons getting cancer over their lifetime cancer is a very serious issue for individuals and companies. On this background Check4Cancer is proud to be working with some of the leading companies to offer affordable services for early detection of cancer and cancer awareness services. Please click here for a list of such companies.

Check4Cancer is working according to ISO9000 and ISO270000, regulated by CQC, complies with the requirements of the Cyber Essential Scheme, registered with ICO is very proud to have 93% of our clients rating us ‘Very Good’ to ‘Excellent’.

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