Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day is June 21, and we would like to remind you that the best gifts for Dad are those that come from the heart.

CapturefWhat could be more heartfelt than a lifetime of Father’s Days? Just a loving nudge from his kids and wife can help keep Dad on track for long-term lung and bowel health, cancer prevention, and cancer awareness.

Lung cancer is by far the most common cause of cancer deaths in males accounting for almost one in four (23%) of all male cancer deaths.[CancerResearchUK] The next most common causes of cancer death in men are prostate (13%) and bowel (10%) cancers. These three cancers – lung, prostate and bowel – together account for almost half (46%) of all male cancer deaths. Bladder, stomach and liver cancers are among the top ten most common causes of cancer deaths in males, but not in females.

For more information and to claim the Father's Day Offer, please visit: www.Check4Cancer.com/fd15