Check4Cancer launches innovative prostate cancer diagnosis pathway with AXA PPP healthcare

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with 1 in 8 diagnosed at some point in their lives. Indeed, with Men’s Health Awareness Month underway, the importance of tackling this prevalent disease is, quite rightly, capturing public attention.

Traditionally, the diagnosis of prostate cancer has involved taking small samples of tissue for analysis via needle insertion into the prostate gland through the wall of the rectum. This invasive approach can be uncomfortable and, in many cases, unnecessary with a significant chance of a serious infection. Furthermore, significant cancer can be missed up to 50% of the time.  

In light of this Check4Cancer, a trusted provider of screening and diagnostic cancer services, has worked closely with AXA PPP healthcare to improve the prostate cancer diagnosis pathway for their individual, SME and large corporate members. By teaming up with Check4Cancer, AXA PPP members with suspected prostate cancer can, from 26 November 2018, undergo a detailed MRI of the prostate BEFORE undergoing biopsy.

The evidence for the new diagnostic pathway was in a large part due to the PROMIS trial which was published in 2017. In this study almost 30% of men would have been able to avoid having a biopsy if the scan was normal. Any suspicious areas can then be targeted, thereby maximising the likelihood of making the correct diagnosis. AXA PPP healthcare’s approach is breaking new ground among insurers, and it removes the prospect of men having to face the invasive biopsy procedure by default at the outset. 

Professor Richard Hindley, Check4Cancer’s prostate cancer advisor, as well as a principle investigator in the PROMIS trial, said: "It was a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic and expert team and this is without doubt the first of its kind for men with private medical insurance. Patients will now be directed to see expert Urologists who are able to see patients in a timely manner and provide the highest quality standard of biopsy when required after a multi-parametric MRI”.

Professor Gordon Wishart, Check4Cancer’s Chief Medical Officer said: “Check4Cancer has worked closely with AXA PPP’s clinical team and prostate cancer specialists to develop an innovative, streamlined, evidence-based rapid access pathway for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. By managing and auditing the diagnostic pathway, Check4Cancer can ensure that current best practice is delivered to their insured members. We are delighted that AXA PPP healthcare is also working with Check4Cancer to fast-track cases where their members are concerned about skin or breast cancer.

Read Check4Cancer's press release here.