New blood test catches lung cancer early

A Scottish landmark research study presented this week at the 2019 World Conference on Lung Cancer has confirmed that the EarlyCDT lung blood test can increase the diagnosis of early stage lung cancer by more than 50%.

In this study of more than 12000 patients, the diagnosis of Stage 1&2 lung cancer increased from 26.8% to 41.1% in those men and women that had the blood test. The earlyCDT lung test has been a key part of Check4Cancer's cancer screening services for the last 4 years, and is suitable for men and women with a significant smoking history, so we are delighted to see a UK study that confirms earlier research publications. The great challenge with lung cancer is that it is if often picked up a such a late stage that curative treatment is not possible but, this new blood test can help increase lung cancer detection at an early stage, where survival is a good as breast cancer.

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