World Cancer Day - raising awareness of cancer prevention


Tuesday 4th February is World Cancer Day, Professor Gordon Wishart, our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer talks about cancer prevention, read more here. 

 The incidence of common cancers is rising in developed countries: 1 out of 2 Britons born after 1960 will get cancer in their lifetime. World Cancer Day is part of an international challenge to raise awareness about cancer prevention and educate men and women about how to modify their lifestyle to reduce their cancer risk.

More than ever, we start this decade with a wealth of information about lifestyle factors that increase the risk of specific cancers. Although it is widely known that smoking still causes the vast majority of lung cancers, it less well known that 50% of bowel cancer and 25% of breast cancer in the UK could be prevented by reducing obesity, alcohol and other risk factors. In fact, 4 out of 10 cancers could be avoided by leading a healthy lifetstyle.

While much media attention is focused on new cancer treatments such as targeted therapies, immunotherapy and new drug development, strategies to promote cancer prevention can have a much bigger impact on this cancer epidemic. Cancer prevention should not just be driven by public health agencies, the NHS or cancer charities; insured and corporate sectors also have a big role to play in providing cancer education and awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors for common cancers.

In early January 2020, it was predicted that cancer prevention, early cancer detection and delivery of better patient journeys and outcomes would play a significant role in private healthcare this year. Check4Cancer is leading the way in cancer prevention and early detection to support this paradigm shift in corporate health insurance.

At Check4Cancer, all our cancer screening tests include personal risk assessment, promotion of risk-reduction strategies and risk-stratified screening. Our rapid-access, streamlined diagnostic pathways for breast, skin and prostate cancer are audited to ensure that our patients receive a smooth patient journey to reach a reliable and trusted diagnosis.

So on this World Cancer Day 2020, let’s make sure that cancer prevention receives the attention it deserves as we start this new decade of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It is in all our interest to do so.

 Symtons infographic

Images are courtesy of World Cancer Day