Lockdown Life: Test for bowel cancer without having to leave home


Check4Cancer’s bowel cancer screening tests are available and can be delivered direct to your door. BowelCheck is a simple test at-home Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Test (qFIT) which takes minutes and will give you results in just 5 working days.

It really is that simple and, importantly, it’s accessible even in lockdown if you are over the age of 45 and have missed your NHS bowel screening, or you just want to keep a regular check on changes in your bowel. Although NHS screening services for breast, bowel and cervical cancer have been formally paused in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and informally paused in England, you do not need to delay checking for cancer.

We’re all experiencing uncertainty as our daily lives have changed dramatically during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Professionals are adjusting to a new reality of remote working, parents are coping with the challenges of home schooling (and working), key workers are keeping services going and the NHS response has been phenomenal, but screening for cancer has fallen down the priority list.

Many of us are experiencing a ‘groundhog COVID-19 day’. It’s tough to stay motivated when you’re uncertain of what the future looks like. You may have approached lockdown positively, thinking you could utilise the opportunity of endless time at home to learn a new skill, language or champion a worthy cause. However, motivating yourself can be more difficult than expected. It’s likely that we will all experience the feeling of helplessness, wishing there was something tangible we could achieve that would help ourselves and others at this critical time.

As we start to see some movement toward lockdown finally lifting, we must stay alert, keep social distancing and wash hands, the fog will clear faster if you control the controllable….

Bowel cancer has a 90% chance of being cured if it’s caught at the earliest stage. At-home testing is something that you can control. If you want to take checking for cancer into your own hands – then BowelCheck is a great way to achieve this.

  1. Order a BowelCheck home testing kit today
  2. Produce a stool sample at home and put it in the sample pot provided
  3. Post to the laboratory for screening using the pre-paid envelope
  4. Receive your results in 5 days

We don’t know when NHS cancer screening services will open again, worryingly more than one million men and women will miss their bowel screening appointment if screening is suspended for 12 weeks. CRUK reports 200,000 people are not being screened every week for breast, bowel and cervical cancer resulting in 400 people with cancer going undiagnosed.

You can’t afford to wait for cancer, so don’t delay, check yourself today

Check4Cancer’s at-home qFIT test kit for bowel cancer screening can be delivered direct to your door.

Trust us, you’re in control of your own health and checking for cancer when in lockdown, could save your life.

 About Check4Cancer’s qFIT test

Cancer screening has been an essential part of NHS policy to improve early cancer detection in the UK since the late 1980s, and at-home testing is currently recommended by the NHS for bowel cancer screening. Check4Cancer is a trusted provider of evidence-based cancer screening tests to corporate, insured and self-pay clients and has a range of at-home screening tests for bowel, cervical, lung and prostate cancer. The qFIT test for bowel screening is available to men and women aged 45+.

The Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Test (qFIT) looks for the quantity of human blood in the bowel motion following a simple and easy to use at-home collection system. This is different to other FIT tests as it measures the amount of blood and also includes a risk assessment making it a more reliable than other tests. If positive, patients will require further investigation that will usually involve colonoscopy, a telescopic examination of the large bowel.

Further information about Check4Cancer’s at-home qFIT test for bowel screening can be found on the Check4Cancer website by clicking here.