Potential causal role of human papilloma viruses (HPVs) in prostate cancers


Professor Gordon Wishart, our Chief Medical Officer comments on the recently published journal ‘Infectious Agents & Cancer- supporting the case for universal HPV vaccination’ and states; ''this systematic review of 26 studies concludes that is it highly likely that high-risk HPV has a causal role in the development of prostate cancer.''

Professor Wishart further comments; "in studies performed since 2000, 21.6% of prostate cancers were HPV+ve, compared to only 6.7% of benign controls, raising hope that a HPV vaccine could lower the incidence of prostate cancer. Although the HPV vaccine has been given to teenage girls since 2008, it was only introduced to boys aged 12-13 in the UK in 2019."

You can read the paper  in full here.