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Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that this model is as accurate as possible, based on available research and the best current knowledge and understanding of cancer, any model such as this can only provide a broad indication of the likely outcomes for our clients. We have relied on the services of an independent actuarial firm, Health At Work Wellness Actuaries, to create a model that is in their opinion a fair reflection of the likely beneficial impact for an organisation using the Health Screen services. The model should not be relied upon for decision making and returns are not guaranteed by Check4Cancer. Financial outcomes are just one of the many benefits we see for our range of services.

The key assumptions made by the actuaries when developing this model include:

  • The population to be screened broadly mirrors the UK and USA working age population, with an average age of around 45 and is 49% male
  • Employees are entitled to private medical care funded by the employer
  • Medical inflation runs at 8% per annum
  • Cancer-related presenteeism is three times as costly to a business as absenteeism
  • 30% of the population eligible to be screened will participate in our programme
  • Average pay levels will increase at 2% per annum in the future
  • The cost of replacing an employee that leaves through ill-health or death is 50% of pay, including recruitment, re-training, lost productivity and management costs.
  • The average year includes 235 normal working days/shifts.
  • Cancer specific assumptions are provided by the leading specialists in the field and are reviewed regularly as new research and experience improves our understanding of the conditions, and their impact on people and the businesses that they work for
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