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Spire Alexandra Hospital
Spire Alexandra Hospital, Impton Lane, Walderslade, ME5 9PG

Spire Alexandra Hospital
Spire Alexandra Hospital,Impton Lane, Walderslade,
Kent,ME5 9PG

Services available at Spire Alexandra Hospital

  • OneStop Breast Clinic
  • Mammography

For alternative clinics and additional services, visit our clinics page.

What is a OneStop Clinic for breast cancer diagnosis

OneStop breast clinics provide rapid access diagnostics for women of any age who have developed recent symptoms of breast cancer. Symptoms can include a lump, pain in the breast, nipple discharge or inversion.

What does OneStop involve

OneStop breast clinics offer triple assessment all on one day. This is the most thorough and accurate way to achieve a diagnosis and includes:

  • Clinical breast examination – a physical examination of the breasts (included in the initial consultation fee)
  • Breast ultrasound +/- mammography (an additional fee if required)
  • Needle core biopsy if lump found (an additional fee if required)

Triple assessment will reduce the time to diagnosis ensuring that treatment can be started immediately.

An initial OneStop breast clinic consultation costs £250 (£270 in London)

Ultrasound, mammography, biopsy, pathology, cyst aspiration and any other follow up procedures that are recommended will be additional charges directly from the hospital.

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What is a screening mammogram

This is different to a diagnostic mammogram which is usually performed in a OneStop breast clinic on an area of the breast that is of concern. A screening mammogram is looking at the whole breast and can detect early signs of breast cancer.

What does a screening mammogram involve

Screening mammography involves taking an x-ray of the breasts while they are being gently compressed. Although mildly uncomfortable, you can benefit from detecting breast cancer at an early stage, even before changes can be felt in the breast by you or your doctor.

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