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Check4Cancer Company Information

Check4Cancer is a diagnostic company with a difference.

Check4Cancer specialise in establishing unique, but validated Awareness and Early Detection of cancer services. These services are available through our network of specialised clinics across the United Kingdom and through our Check4Cancer services in developed countries.

In the United Kingdom we offer Awareness and Early Detection for Bowel, Breast, Cervical, Lung, Prostate and Skin cancers. Each speciality has a network of clinics from which our services are available to private payers. This means that worried well or symptomatic individuals can have state of the art services from leading local Consultants and get peace of mind. None of the signature Early Detection services are available from the NHS.

Check4Cancer is also investing in genetics and is managed through GeneHealth UK , the largest national company offering private genetic testing and genetic counselling to patients at increased risk of hereditary cancer. GeneHealth UK has international reach and is already servicing overseas clients.

Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the 10,000+ people who die every year due to occupation-induced cancers. Many cancer experts talk about epidemic like conditions with more and younger people getting diagnosed with cancer. Check4Cancer is providing Awareness and Early Detection of cancer to companies in The United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark.

We are very proud that 92%+ of our clients rate our service ‘Very Good’ to ‘Excellent’ as we strive to provide peace of mind, excellence in customer service and knowing that early detection does saves lives.

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