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The first line of defence against cancer is ‘knowing what to look out for’. Many cancer checks are only available from a certain age; the age at which the specific cancer most frequently manifests itself.

At Check4Cancer we are strong believers in educating our clients in the early signs of various cancers so that they become their own first line of defence.

This has already resulted in several of our clients’ self-identifying early signs of cancer. This has ranged fron a young mother discovering a breast lump whilst breastfeeding, malignant changes to a mole and a 42-year old man noticing changes to his 'waterworks' leading to diagnosis of early prostate cancer.

Check4Cancer has established some standard services to help HR departments to increase the awareness of various cancers. This can be done through:

In additional to these, we can also set-up cancer specific websites, design cancer specific information stands and roll-out cancer questionnaires to measure the effect of the awareness campaigns.

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