Be Cancer Aware Educational Webinars

We focus on early detection because it saves lives

We offer innovative ‘Be Cancer Aware’ educational webinars to help your employees understand the risk factors, signs and symptoms of the six most common cancers in the UK, which are Bowel, Breast, Cervical, Lung, Prostate and Skin cancers.

  • Delivered by Check4Cancer’s clinical cancer experts
  • Covers risk factors, signs and symptoms
  • Up to an hour in length, including an interactive Q&A session with
    our experts
  • Provided via Zoom - we manage the whole process for you
  • We provide you with email content and imagery to help you promote the webinar to your employees
  • Can be delivered to groups of up to 500 people (we recommend a minimum group size of 20 people)
  • The session can be recorded, which you can use for up to 12 months
  • A cost-effective way to help you maximise employee engagement, whether it is via a company or through voluntary annual benefits
  • We can also provide webinars that discuss all the services we offer, these are delivered by our corporate team


SkinAware Customer

Great session, really well managed and presented - thank you!

SkinAware Customer
SkinAware Customer

The questions and answers at the end was extremely informative. The speaker took time to answer everything in great detail, and provided a few alternatives. It was obvious that she knew what she is talking about and that she enjoyed educating people about this topic.

SkinAware Customer