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Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer diagnostic appointments are for people with current symptoms that are suspicious of cancer. Click here for list of most common symptoms.

  • No GP referral needed

  • Rapid access appointments

  • Expert consultants

  • Recognised clinical guidelines

Skin cancer

OneStop Mole Removal Clinic is a fast-track service for anyone that wants a mole removing because it has symptoms suspicious of cancer or they feel it is unsightly. Moles removed within the clinic will be sent to a pathologist for interpretation.

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Breast cancer

OneStop Breast Clinic is a rapid access appointment with a consultant breast surgeon with all the required tests performed on the same day.

Suitable for women of any age who have developed recent symptoms of breast cancer, such as a breast lump, breast pain, discharge or nipple inversion.

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Prostate cancer

Prostate Diagnosis is an innovative, streamlined, evidence-based rapid access pathway for the diagnosis of prostate cancer, with multiparametric MRI scanning performed either before of after an appointment with a consultant urologist.

The pathway is suitable for men aged 40+ with an elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test.



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