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New insight into the cost of cancer for employers

The free Cancer Impact Calculator – developed by Check4Cancer with Health At Work Wellness Actuaries (HAW) – comes in the context of Cancer Research UK claims that nearly half the UK population are now expected to suffer from the disease at some point in their lives. More than 100,000 UK employees are diagnosed with cancer each year and numbers are rising.

The Cancer Impact Calculator is founded on current data on the risk of cancer among people of working age in the UK and information on the levels and nature of undiagnosed cases across different cancer types. The actuary model draws on insights from cancer specialists into the stages of tumour growth and post-diagnosis treatments, the costs involved, likely levels of workplace absence, and longer-term treatment and survival rates. Average figures are used on normal absence rates, presenteeism costs, average death and private medical benefit costs and typical turnover rates.

Based on the data inputs, the model projects future outcomes for everyone tested over a 10-year period, comparing the tested individual to someone that has not been tested. This provides the basis for clearer decision-making on approaches to mitigating the impacts of rising numbers of cancer cases in the working population.

For example, accountancy and advisory firm BDO trialled the Cancer Impact Calculator and found an estimated saving of £1.66 for every £1.00 invested in cancer checks.

Debbie Thomson, Head of Operations said: “The health and wellbeing of our people is vitally important to us.  Cancer is a horrific disease which affects so many people  which is why we decided to bring in early detection cancer screening.

“Screening provides our people with significant preventative health benefits as well as peace of mind and the calculator proves the commercial value of introducing this benefit. This benefit will be introduced for our people in January 2016 and forms part of our developing wellbeing agenda.”

The tool is now available on our website: www.Check4Cancer.com/cic.

Professor Gordon Wishart, Professor of Cancer Surgery at Anglian Ruskin University and Medical Director at Check4Cancer, said: “Early detection is critical for both cancer survival and limiting the need for, and extent of, treatment. The Cancer Impact Calculator enables organisations to get a straightforward indication of what that means in financial terms, and how they and their staff can benefit from an investment in cancer detection.

The web tool is backed up by a more tailored service, using detail from organisations on total headcount, gender, age, population with private medical cover, as well as their specific circumstances in terms of absence, death and medical benefit costs (as a multiple of pay), staff turnover and most appropriate types of screening.

Based in Cambridge, with close links to Cambridge University Hospitals and its pioneering medical community, Check4Cancer has become the leading provider of awareness resources and early detection services for the most widespread cancers to employers across the UK either in their workplace or in one of its clinics. The service has helped close to 25,000 employees to understand their personal risk, and identified more than 100 cancers that may otherwise have gone undetected.

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