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PDE – Photodynamic Eye

Sentinel Node identification with blue dye
Tissue perfusion becomes visible!
PDE - Photodynamic Eye
Finding the lymph node:
Finding the lymph node using the depth enhancer:

Photodynamic Eye (PDE) and Indocyanine Green (ICG) is an effective combination in order to visualise tissue perfusion. There are numerous applications for this new technology and to request further information please contact us here.

The areas of application include:

Plastic surgery

* Evaluation of vascular reconstructions

* Monitoring of flap perfusion


* Sentinel lymph node detection without radiation

Peripheral perfusion

* Diagnosis support in pAVC
* Determination of amputation level
* Evaluation of decubitus

Visceral Surgery

* Visualisation of anastomosis perfusion
* Definition of resection area in intestinal ischemia


* Burn depth evaluation
* Definition of resection area

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