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BowelHealth – Corporate screening for bowel cancer

Bowel cancer affects approximately 41,000 people in the UK each year and is the UK’s second biggest killer. It is a disease that can affect both men and women and, if detected in the early stages is highly treatable which is why early detection through screening is important and saves lives.

What is BowelCheck?

BowelCheck is an early detection programme for bowel cancer that employers can offer to staff. The programme includes:

  • Information about bowel cancer and the pros and cons of early detection via the BowelHealth UK website.
  • Online sign up for the employee where they will be asked questions about lifestyle and family history.
  • A hygienic home collection kit using the latest immunohistochemistry which is returned for laboratory analysis. The home testing kit is designed to look for blood in the stool (poo) which can be a symptom of bowel cancer and indicates whether further investigations are needed.

Once the home testing kit sample has been returned to BowelHealth UK in a pre-paid return envelope by the employee, they will receive results within 5 days advising them if further investigations are needed.

Who is BowelCheck for?

BowelCheck is suitable for men and women from the age of 45, around the age that the risk of developing bowel cancer starts to rise significantly. The NHS screening programme for bowel cancer doesn’t screen until the age of 60.

Where can employees have BowelCheck?

The real benefit of BowelCheck is that it can be carried out in the comfort and privacy of the employees own home. There is no need to visit a clinic or be examined.

How much does BowelCheck cost?

By offering these services to its staff, an employer can achieve up to 25% discount on standard pricing. The cost of BowelCheck is £85. For company sponsored campaigns, prices are negotiable depending on company size and the extent of the service offering.


We can provide you with material for company intranets and table tents, banners and posters to support a campaign. If required, we can develop co-branded corporate websites.

More Information

If you want to offer BowelCheck to your employees contact us or call us on 0800 085 6663.

For more in depth information about bowel cancer, visit our www.BowelHealthUK.com website.

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