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What can I expect in my one-hour phone consultation with a genetic counsellor?

Before your phone consultation with a genetic counsellor you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire about your family history.

During your one-hour phone consultation, the genetic counsellor will take a detailed family and medical history and will provide you with a personalised cancer risk assessment (your risk assessment will include your personal cancer risk and the risk the cancer in your family is inherited).

The genetic counsellor will cover the following in your one-hour phone consultation:

  • Ask you about your medical and family history of cancer.
  • Explain how hereditary cancers are passed on in a family.
  • Determine if you/your family members are at risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome.
  • Give you information about inherited cancer syndromes.
  • Discuss cancer screening.
  • Provide information about genetic testing.
  • Allow you to make an informed decision on whether genetic testing is right for you.

If genetic cancer testing is appropriate, the genetic counsellor will explain its benefits and limitations. Cancer screening, such as mammograms or colonoscopies and risk reducing options may also be recommended.

Our unique pre-test counselling will help prepare you psychologically for testing and ensure you are aware of the implications of the results.