OneStop Breast Cancer Clinics

Fast track breast cancer tests, mammograms and other diagnostic investigations for men and women aged 18+

Our OneStop Breast clinics provide you with access to fast track diagnostic investigations if you think you may have developed recent symptoms of breast cancer.

  • No need for a GP referral
  • Clinic locations nationwide
  • Access to highly experienced and validated consultant breast surgeons
  • Fast appointments and results
  • All investigations at first appointment, including biopsy* if required



Suitable for men and women aged 18+ with symptoms.

250 *

* £270 for London Clinics and £250 for Clinics outside of London. Please note that if you require a breast ultrasound or/and mammography and/or needle biopsy, then these procedures will incur additional fees, which will be payable directly to the clinic.

Why should I book a OneStop Breast Clinic?

We aim to provide access to all diagnostic investigations at the first appointment according to current professional guidelines. If all diagnostic investigations are performed at the first appointment there is a 99.6% chance of making the correct diagnosis.

Why should I book a OneStop Breast Clinic?

Additional Services

Screening Mammogram
Screen for early-stage breast cancer with rapid access to private mammograms.
Easy to use at-home DNA saliva test to determine your personal risk of developing breast cancer for women aged 30+

Such an efficient service. From my first point of contact with the call centre to the medical staff that dealt with my case, everyone was knowledgeable, helpful, supportive and friendly. The speed at which the appointment was set up was fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service to anyone that needed help. 


What started out as a scary appointment full of unknowns was made very clear and with the right amount of concern. Felt I was handled with respect and kindness throughout. The efficiency was great. Many thanks to the staff for making a scary appointment easier.


My experience with the service provided was efficient, thorough, immediate appointment (I was very lucky) and staff extremely helpful and kind. I would recommend this service to any woman in need of a check up. I am most grateful for all your help.


Feeling nervous and apprehensive, I was treated with kindness and consideration. To be able to move through all the consultations, investigations to treatment in one place and  in one afternoon (just over an hour) was fantastic/amazing. I practically skipped out of the hospital. The consultant was very pleasant and professional, nursing staff the same. Something I was extremely worried about, I felt relaxed, put at ease and treated very well.


Immediate referral by the insurance company who transferred my call directly to Check4Cancer. Check4Cancer then immediately found me an appointment at a convenient location. I was offered three different locations all within a week. The hospital was immaculate and the staff all reassuring, kind, and professional. I had an examination and a sonogram the same day and my results letter the following day.

This is the best experience I have had in the medical system to date, despite it being a rather frightening episode in my life.


Excellent service. All staff were sensitive to the stress of the situation of finding a lump. Minimal time spent waiting and diagnosis was available on the day. I would go back again for a checkup. 


It was such a relief to have all the tests in one go and get the results the same day. An excellent service.


Professor Simon Russell, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Diagnosing breast cancer early and then getting the best available treatment is vital in reducing the risk of dying from breast cancer. When found early, when small and before it has had a chance to spread, breast cancer is easier to treat successfully. Regular breast screening leads to cancers being discovered before they can be felt, when they are smaller and when they are less likely to have spread.

Triple assessment in a one-stop clinic with clinical examination, breast imaging and biopsy, ensures a rapid diagnosis, enabling prompt treatment and a better outcome as well as reducing anxiety and stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the OneStop Breast Service?
  • National network of OneStop Breast Clinics.
  • Validated consultant breast surgeons.
  • Protected appointment slots allow us to provide you with rapid access to a choice of appointment times close to work or home.
  • All diagnostic investigations performed at first appointment.
  • OneStop Breast service is fully audited to ensure best practice. 
  • Our breast cancer consultants can provide private treatment if required.
What are the typical symptoms of breast cancer?

Are you showing any one of these common symptoms of suspected breast cancer?

  • A breast lump or thickening in the breast which is different to the rest of the breast tissue.
  • Continuous breast pain in one part of the breast or armpit.
  • One breast becomes larger or lower/higher than the other breast.
  • A nipple becomes inverted or changes shape or position.
  • Changes in the skin of your breasts including puckering or dimpling.
  • Swelling under the armpit or around the collarbone.
  • A rash on or around the nipple.
  • Discharge from one or both nipples.
How do I book a OneStop Breast Clinic appointment?
  • OneStop Breast Clinic appointments can only be booked by telephone so we can offer you a choice of appointments close to home or work. 
  • Please call 0800 085 6616 to speak with our dedicated customer care team (call centre hours are from 08.00 – 18.00) or you can request a call back here. 
  • A OneStop Breast Clinic appointment costs £270 if you attend a London clinic OR £250 for clinics outside of London. Please note that if you require a breast ultrasound or/and mammogram and/or needle biopsy, then these procedures will incur additional fees, which will be payable directly to the clinic.
What can I expect at my OneStop Breast Clinic appointment?

OneStop Breast Clinics offer private breast investigations with triple assessment, providing a thorough and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. You will be seen by a highly experienced consultant breast surgeon and the triple assessment performed at your appointment will cover the following areas:

  1. Clinical breast examination (included in the initial consultation fee of £250 or £270 in London).
  2. Breast ultrasound and/or mammography (additional fee if required).
  3. Needle biopsy if lump is found (additional fee if required).
What happens next if signs of breast cancer are detected at my OneStop Breast Clinic appointment?

If your breast biopsy confirms a diagnosis of breast cancer then if insured, you can have treatment by the private consultant breast surgeon who arranged your investigations or alternatively, you can be referred to the NHS for treatment via your GP.

Male Breast Cancer

Although much rarer than female breast cancer, male breast cancer often presents at a more advanced stage, but is treated in the same way as female breast cancer. There are about 360 men diagnosed with male breast cancer each year in the UK, compared with 55,000 cases of breast cancer in women.

As with women, the single biggest risk factor for breast cancer in men is increasing age. Most cases of male breast cancer are diagnosed between the ages of 60 and 70. Other risk factors are high oestrogen levels, exposure to radiation, a family history or recognised breast cancer gene in the family, obesity, chronic liver conditions, and a rare genetic condition called Klinefelter's syndrome.

Common symptoms of male breast cancer – what to look out for

The most common symptom of breast cancer in men is a firm lump in the breast tissue deep to the nipple. This is nearly always painless and other symptoms may include:

  • Oozing from the nipple (a discharge) that may be blood stained.
  • Swelling of the breast.
  • A sore (ulcer) in the skin of the breast.
  • A nipple that is pulled into the breast (called nipple retraction).
  • Lumps under the arm.

If you are showing any of the common symptoms listed above, please call us on0800 085 6616 to book a OneStop Breast Clinic appointment. 

Cancellation Policy

We’re pleased to cancel and re-schedule any appointments without penalty or administration fees up to 24 hours before your appointment. However, with less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, re-scheduling or non-attendance on the day does incur a 100% cancellation fee as we’ll be unable to re-use the time to support other clients. New appointments will be charged at the ‘self-pay’ rate of £250 (£270 for London clinics).

Book your OneStop Breast Clinic today

Book your OneStop Breast Clinic today

Our OneStop Breast service provides access to a fast track diagnostic clinic for women and men aged 18 who have noticed recent changes in their breasts, such as a breast lump, breast pain, nipple discharge or nipple inversion.