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Bowel cancer screening using our at-home testing kit for men and women aged 45+

  • Bowel cancer has a 90% cure rate if caught early
  • Tests for blood in your stool
  • Risk assessment and personalised screening programme
  • Rapid results, within 5 days

Order now from BowelHealth UK for £85
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Cervical cancer screening using our at-home kit for women aged 25+

  • Cervical cancer is 100% preventable
  • Tests for HPV, the cause of almost 100% of all cervical cancers
  • 90% of women tested will not need a traditional smear test
  • Rapid results within 1 week

Order now from GynaeHealth UK for £85
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Lung cancer screening with our easy to use at-home finger prick blood test for men and women aged 45+ (current or past heavy smokers only)

  • Unique Early CDT lung cancer specific test
  • CT scan included if test result is abnormal
  • Early detection of lung cancer may save your life
  • Results from our lab within 2 weeks

Order now from LungHealth UK for £350
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Discover your personal risk of developing breast cancer from your DNA

  • Innovative test that combines your family history, lifestyle and genetics
  • For women aged 18+
  • Simple one-off saliva at-home collection kit
  • Results and personalised breast screening programme within 6 weeks

Order now from BreastHealth UK for £295
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Prostate cancer screening with our easy to use at-home finger prick blood test for men aged 40+

  • Test for Free and Total PSA
  • Online Risk assessment
  • Personalised screening programme
  • Results within 1 week

Order now from ProstateHealth UK for £85
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Skin cancer screening available nationwide to men and women aged 18+

  • Full body assessment by a specialist skin cancer nurse
  • Dermoscopy examination of suspicious lesions and moles
  • High quality digital images reported on by an expert skin cancer consultant
  • Results in 3-5 working days including images for future screening

Book now from SkinHealth UK for £175
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Check4Cancer is an award winning, trusted provider of cancer screening and diagnostic services. Whether you're a self paying private customer, insured, or looking to strengthen your workforce through employee benefits, we've got you covered.

Our Happy Customers

"Good communication, rapid response. I see no improvements required at this stage. Very professional and easy service thanks!"

- BowelCheck customer

"Very easy to do, no special trips to the GP and no embarrassment! Service is excellent. Can't think of any improvements that could be made. Easy to use and very convenient. The speed of results were excellent and it means less stress"

- GynaeCheck customer

"I was very impressed with the home smear test; I posted the sample on a Monday morning and receive the results four days later, far quicker than it would have been on the NHS. The best part however was being able to collect the sample myself without having to suffer the embarrassing - and sometimes painful - NHS sample collection".

- Jullie, GynaeCheck customer

"I was very relieved to receive my results letter so promptly, this has saved me worrying. Very reassuring and understanding."

- SkinCheck customer

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