Prostate Cancer Screening Test

Easy to use at-home prostate cancer screening PSA test for men aged 40+

PSACheck is a simple, affordable and convenient way to be screened for prostate cancer in the comfort of your own home.

Full clinical advice, support and referral if you have an abnormal result Find out more about how we compare to other tests.

  • No need for a GP visit 
  • At-home finger-prick blood sample collection kit 
  • Test for Free and Total PSA (prostate specific antigen)
  • Includes personalised screening programme 
  • Full clinical advice, support and referral 
  • Accurate results within 7 days 



Have you previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer?

Unfortunately this test is not appropriate; instead we recommend you see your GP directly.


Why should I have PSACheck?

At Check4Cancer we want to empower you to take control of your health and we are committed to providing you with clinical excellence in all our cancer screening and diagnostic services. Our team consists of cancer specialists and highly trained support staff, here to help and guide you.

Take a look at what makes us different.

We call you if your result is abnormal
We provide full clinical advice & support
We help you with onward referral
We provide you with a personalised screening programme

The overall service form start to finish was excellent. The speed in the delivery of the testing kit to the results being issued makes such a difference, thank you very much.


From booking the tests to receiving my results the whole process has been smooth and slick. Excellent communication and detailed information sent on receiving results. In all an excellent service, thank you.


Prompt and efficient service. Fast notification of results. 


Received my results in a matter of days. The test is very easy to use and I will get my grown up children to apply for the test as it gives you piece of mind. 


Great service, quick results and I feel reassured. Thank you.


From booking the tests to receiving my results the whole process has been smooth and slick. Excellent communication and detailed information sent on receiving results. In all an excellent service, thank you.


Professor Richard Hindley, Clinical Advisor for Prostate Cancer

The evidence to support the use of routine PSA testing is stronger than ever. PSACheck enables men to have the test performed and provides all the necessary support and guidance should the test flag anything of concern. An early PSA test as a ‘marker in the sand’ is very useful and can be used for future comparison and improves hugely the utility of this simple and inexpensive test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Age restrictions

Check4Cancer’s cancer screening services are clinically governed by age restrictions, and you cannot sign up for a service if you are not within the age range for a particular cancer screening test. This is because clinical research does not support the benefits of screening people outside our specified age ranges.

Regardless of age, if you have symptoms then you should always seek medical advice from your GP.

For common signs and symptoms of prostate cancer, please visit the Check4Cancer ‘Advice and Awareness’ page at this link

Why should I have a PSACheck?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men across the UK with more than 47,700 men diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. This means that 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. Men with prostate cancer often have no symptoms unless the disease is detected at a late stage. There is currently no national NHS screening programme for prostate cancer, so screening is vital in protecting your health and early detection of prostate cancer could save your life!

Nearly half of all men are expected to develop prostate cancer at some point in their life. The chances of survival are extremely high in those that are diagnosed when there are no symptoms and when the disease is confined to the prostate gland.

Prostate cancer mainly affects men over the age of 50 years and your risk increases with age. Black males are more likely to get prostate cancer and maybe diagnosed at a younger age.

How do I order PSACheck?
  • You can order your PSACheck at-home sample collection test kit here. The test kit will be delivered to your home in discreet packaging.
  • The cost of the PSACheck is £85.00.
  • PSACheck is for men aged 40+.
What does the PSACheck test at-home kit contain?
  • A sterile collection kit posted to your home containing easy to follow step-by-step instructions. You can view the kit instructions here
  • A simple at-home finger-prick blood sample collection kit.
Important information you need to be aware of before you take your PSACheck test

When you receive your PSACheck test kit, it is very important to follow the guidelines below otherwise your test results may not be accurate:

  1. No ejaculation or strenuous exercise up to 48 hours before taking your sample.
  2. Please do not ride a bicycle on the day that you take your sample.
  3. Please do not eat oily or rich food on the day that you take your sample.
  4. Please drink plenty of fluid in the hours up to the time that you take your sample.
Guidance on taking the PSACheck test if you have a urinary tract infection

If you are currently being treated for a urinary tract infection, then you must wait until the infection is cleared from your system.  We then advise you should only take your PSA test 6 weeks after the date of when the infection is cleared.

What do I do with the PSACheck kit when I have completed it?
  • Complete the at-home test by following the simple instructions provided in the test kit.
  • Return your sample to our laboratory by Freepost and expect your results within one week of the laboratory receiving your sample. 
  • Our team of specialists will analyse your PSA test results and provide a personalised screening programme. 
What happens if my test results are abnormal?
  • If your test is abnormal, we will call you before sending your results letter. 
  • Remember, a raised PSA level does not always mean that you have prostate cancer, however, raised levels do need to be investigated.
  • Should you have an abnormal test result, you may be eligible for referral to a private consultant or to the NHS via your GP.

Whilst undergoing prostate cancer screening will not prevent prostate cancer, it can help to detect cancers at an early stage so you can get treatment early. 

No prostate cancer screening test can be guaranteed to be 100% accurate, and an abnormal result from PSACheck will mean that further investigations are likely to be recommended.

Order your PSACheck today

Order your PSACheck today

PSACheck is a simple, safe, affordable and convenient way to be screened for prostate cancer in the comfort of your own home. PSACheck at-home cancer screening test includes Free and Total PSA for men aged 40+ .