A risk-assessed cancer screening programme for employees

As part of an early cancer detection programme, MyCancerRisk is an online cancer risk assessment tool, developed by Check4Cancer, for companies with more than 1,000 employees. It consists of a single questionnaire, bringing together risk assessments for each of the six most common types of cancer in the UK – bowel, breast, cervical, lung, prostate and skin cancer.

  • Employees complete a risk assessment questionnaire relating to the six most common cancers in the UK
  • Employees who are not deemed to be at ‘higher risk’ are reassured and signposted to our Cancer Education Hub for guidance on the risks, signs and symptoms of common cancers
  • Employees found to be at ‘higher risk’ of developing any of the six cancers can access the necessary Check4Cancer screening tests, if they meet the age and gender requirements
  • Any employee who undertakes a cancer screening test with an abnormal result will receive a telephone call from a Check4Cancer clinical expert to advise them to visit their GP for further advice. OR they can access Check4Cancer’s cancer diagnostic pathways for breast, skin and prostate cancers
  • At all times, employees have access to the Cancer Education Hub for advice and guidance 


For more information on MyCancerRisk, please download the information brochure here




Professor Gordon Wishart, Chief Medical Officer

I developed the MyCancerRisk programme to identify those men and women at ‘higher risk’ of six common cancers so that they can undergo personalised cancer screening and education about how to reduce their risk. There is now growing evidence that by targeting screening to those at ‘higher’ risk, a greater proportion of cancers can be detected, and more aggressive cancers can be diagnosed at an earlier stage. A key part of the MyCancerRisk programme is our Cancer Education Hub which provides all participants with access to a library of cancer education and awareness information, so that they are aware of the signs and symptoms of common cancers.