Lung Cancer Screening Test

Easy to use at-home lung cancer screening test for men and women aged 50+

LungCheck, our unique, easy to use at-home lung cancer test, is a sample collection kit that screens for antibodies that can be linked to an increased risk of developing lung cancer.

  • No need for a GP visit 
  • At-home sample collection 
  • Unique EarlyCDT® Lung blood test for lung cancer 
  • Includes personalised screening programme 
  • Full clinical advice, support and referral 
  • Accurate results within 2 weeks 


Do you have a 20 pack-year smoking history (1 pack daily for 20 years) or, any smoking history with a close family history of lung cancer (parent, sibling, child)

You must have at least a 20 pack-year smoking history OR any smoking history and a close family history of lung cancer (parent, sibling, child) to be eligible for this test.


What makes us better?

At Check4Cancer we want to empower you to take control of your health and we are committed to providing you with clinical excellence in all our cancer screening and diagnostic services. Our team consists of cancer specialists and highly trained support staff, here to help and guide you.

Take a look at what makes us different.

We call you if your result is abnormal
We provide full clinical advice & support
We help you with onward referral
We provide you with a personalised screening programme

Good clear instructions, friendly advice, quick delivery of sample devices, pre-paid post and quick results. All thing considered an excellent service.


Simple, quick and very comprehensive (kit and information). Really fantastic.


Straightforward process, Helpdesk answered practical questions on operating blood test kit, results timely delivered and easy to understand.


Professor Sam Janes, Clinical Advisor for Lung Cancer

More men and more women die of lung cancer than any other cancer. Survival rates are currently low because it is detected late. The key for the future is to improve testing to allow early diagnosis of lung cancer and other cancers when they can be cured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use LungCheck?

If you are a past or current heavy smoker, with or without a close family history of lung cancer (parent, sibling, child), then LungCheck provides you with early detection screening before symptoms arise.  80% of all lung cancers are directly or indirectly connected with smoking. There is currently no NHS screening programme for lung cancer in the UK, however, there are clinical trials evaluating low dose CT scans. 

In the Scottish Lung Cancer Trial, for people with a strong smoking history +/- close family history of lung cancer, 41% of those who received the EarlyCDT-Lung blood test were diagnosed with early stage lung cancer . The survival of people with early stage lung cancer is much better than those diagnosed at a later stage.


How do I order LungCheck?
  • You can order your LungCheck at-home sample collection test kit here .The test kit will be delivered to your home in discreet packaging.
  • The cost of LungCheck is £195.00.
  • LungCheck is suitable for both men and women aged 50+ years (current or past heavy smokers* +/- a close family history of lung cancer)

*20 pack year smoking history ( one pack a day for twenty years, two packs a day for ten years and so on). 

What does the LungCheck test at-home kit contain?
  • A sterile collection kit posted to your home containing easy to follow step-by-step instructions. You can view the kit instructions here.
  • A simple, at-home finger-prick blood sample collection kit. 
What do I do with the LungCheck kit when I have completed it?
  • Complete the at-home test by following the simple instructions provided in the test kit.
  • Return your sample to our laboratory by Freepost and expect your results within two weeks of the laboratory receiving your sample .
  • Our team of specialists will analyse your test results and provide a personalised screening programme.
What happens if my test results are abnormal?
  • If you have an abnormal result, we will call you before sending your results letter. 
  • Please be aware that if your LungCheck - EarlyCDT® result is abnormal, you may need to self-fund a CT scan as part of your follow up.
  • Should you have an abnormal test result, you may be eligible for referral to a private consultant or to the NHS via your GP.
  • If you have a abnormal result it does not necessarily mean you have lung cancer.

Whilst undergoing lung cancer screening will not prevent lung cancer, it can help to detect cancers at an early stage. Like all screening tests there may be some false positives and false negatives.

No lung cancer screening test can be guaranteed to be 100% accurate, and an abnormal result from LungCheck will mean that further investigations are likely to be recommended.

Order your Lung Cancer test today

Order your Lung Cancer test today

There are more than 47,000 lung cancers diagnosed each year in the UK. The chances of survival from lung cancer are extremely good if detected early but unfortunately many people present at a later stage by the time symptoms develop. So early detection is vital in protecting your health.