OneStop Skin Clinic

Fast appointments for mole removal with no need for a GP referral.

OneStop Skin Clinic is a fast-track mole removal service with no need for a GP referral.

  • No need for a GP referral
  • Fast appointments and results
  • Access to highly experienced consultant skin cancer specialists
  • All consultants are members of specialist skin cancer teams
  • Moles removed that are suspicious of cancer are sent to pathology for interpretation


For men and women aged 18+


* for consultation only, additional charges may apply from the consultant and clinic for surgery and pathology

Why should I book a OneStop Skin mole removal appointment?

Our OneStop Skin service provides access to consultant skin cancer specialists who are either plastic surgeons or surgical dermatologists and are highly experienced in mole removal giving you the best cosmetic outcome. Our experts will provide you with advice in managing the whole process of having suspicious moles checked and removed (if applicable).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use OneStop Skin Clinic?

An adult will have around 30 moles on average and most of these will be harmless. However, you may need a mole check if you have a mole that has changed rapidly in size, shape or colour, or is new.  While most of these moles will not be caused by skin cancer, in certain cases a mole will need to be removed for a variety of different reasons. Moles may also be removed for cosmetic reasons if they are in a prominent place such as the face or nose, or if they are in a position where they are prone to bleeding or catching on clothing. Some moles may be large, dark or hairy and as a result mole removal is desirable. Or you may have a mole that has changed rapidly in size and colour and need to get it checked out to ensure it is not cancerous.

How do I book a OneStop Skin Clinic appointment?
  • You can book your appointment online or by calling our customer care team.
  • The cost of a OneStop Skin Clinic ‘See & Treat’ consultation is £320. The consultation will allow adequate time for mole removal if required. Please note that larger moles may not be able to be removed at the initial consultation and may need complex surgery with reconstruction.
  • Additional fees will also be charged by the surgeon and hospital for any additional treatment provided, including mole removal and laboratory analysis, and prices may vary depending on the surgeon and hospital.
  • We will confirm your OneStop Skin Clinic appointment by email. You will also receive a reminder text to your phone.
What can I expect at my OneStop Skin Clinic appointment?
  • Most mole removal can be carried out under local anaesthesia unless the mole is very large.
  • Other options to remove or treat moles* include, shave removal, laser removal or cryotherapy.
  • Please note that further charges will be made by the surgeon and hospital/clinic for any surgery of treatment provided during this consultation.
  • Following mole removal, the biopsy results will usually be available within two weeks and your consultant will contact you with the results.
  • If any malignancy is found at laboratory analysis, your consultant will advise if any further treatment or surgery may be required.

*Options for mole removal or treatment

Although the majority of moles that require treatment will be completely removed for pathological assessment, a number of techniques are available and are summarised as follows:

Complete mole excision surgery

  • This method is usually used for moles that have suspicious features or those that are not suitable for shave excision.
  • Most mole removal can be carried out under local anaesthesia unless your mole is very large.
  • While mole removal procedures in the NHS are often performed by junior surgeons, in the private sector these procedures are performed by consultant skin cancer specialists, highly trained in cosmetic mole removal, to provide the best scar and cosmetic outcome.
  • Following mole removal, the biopsy results will usually be available within two weeks from your consultant. 
  • If any malignancy is found on laboratory analysis, your consultant will advise you if any further surgery or treatment may be required.

Shave mole removal

  • Some non-cancerous or harmless moles that protrude from the surface of the skin can be shaved under local anaesthesia for cosmetic reasons, to leave a wound that heals without any sutures.
  • Shave removal only takes a few minutes and the wound will usually heal within 10 days to leave a small pink mark for around four weeks.
  • This will continue to heal during the next few months to leave a small scar.

Laser mole removal

  • Laser removal is usually recommended for non-cancerous or harmless moles that are flatter and lighter in colour and are being removed for cosmetic reasons.
  • While this type of removal usually provides an excellent cosmetic result with minimal scarring, there is a small chance of the mole returning at the same site (mole recurrence).
  • Laser treatment uses specific wavelengths of light that destroy the dark pigment in the skin, and the laser energy then cauterizes the skin to leave a small wound that heals very quickly.
  • Although two or three treatments may be required to achieve a good cosmetic outcome, this type of removal may be an ideal option for treating multiple moles, or moles that are in a difficult position for surgical removal.

Cryotherapy or freezing

  • Cryotherapy uses liquid Nitrogen to freeze moles or skin lesions so that they then drop off without any surgery.
  • This type of treatment is usually used on warts and skin tags, but it can also be used for larger, flatter moles, such as seborrhoeic keratosis that can often be multiple.
  • This technique may leave a small blister on the skin that will heal quickly.


Cancellation Policy

We’re pleased to cancel and re-schedule any appointments without penalty or administration fees up to 24 hours before your appointment. However, less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, re-scheduling or non-attendance on the day does incur a 100% cancellation fee as we’ll be unable to re-use the time to support other clients.

If an appointment is cancelled more than three times, we reserve the right to not offer an alternative appointment. New appointments will be charged at the ‘self-pay’ rate of £320.