Summary pricing of all our services

Private Cancer Test  



Bowel Cancer Screening  BowelCheck £89
Breast Cancer  - Diagnostics  OneStop Breast Clinic £250*
Breast Cancer - Screening  Mammograms  £242
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment MyBreastRisk  £301
Skin Cancer Screening  SkinCheck  £189
Skin Lesion and Mole Removal  OneStop Skin Clinic  POA
Cervical Cancer Screening  HPVCheck  £95
Lung Cancer Screening  LungCheck £340
Prostate Cancer Screening  PSACheck  £89
Genetic Testing  1-hour phone consultation
with a genetic counsellor
Gene Test  BRCA 1 & 2 Plus  £1,400
Gene Test  OvarianGene £1,400
Gene Test  ProstateGene  £1,400
Gene Test  BowelGene £1,400
Gene Test  Single Site Testing  £630

* for clinics outside of London. £270 for clinics in London.

Card Payments with Check4Cancer 

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  • Please note that charges to cards will appear as being from "C4C Ltd". C4C Ltd is Check4Cancer Ltd.
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Online BreastRisk
Personalised Breast Risk Service
Skin Cancer Screening and Mole Checks
Fast-track skin cancer screening clinical service providing skin cancer tests and mole checks.
OneStop Breast Cancer Clinics
Fast track breast cancer tests, mammograms and other diagnostic investigations for men and women aged 18+
Screening Mammograms to Detect Early Breast Cancer
Rapid access appointments for private breast screening mammograms to detect breast cancer at an early stage before changes can be felt in the breast
Cervical Cancer Screening Test
Easy to use at-home cervical cancer HPV screening test for women aged 25+
Cancer Genetic Testing & Genetic Counselling
Genetic testing for cancer predisposition & genetic counselling – for people with a strong family history of cancer or recent diagnosis of breast, ovarian, bowel or prostate cancer.
Bowel Cancer Screening Test
Easy to use at-home bowel cancer screening test for individuals aged 45+
Prostate Cancer Screening Test
Easy to use at-home prostate cancer screening PSA test for men aged 40+
Lung Cancer Screening Test
Easy to use at-home lung cancer screening test for indivduals aged 50+
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
Easy to use at-home DNA saliva test to determine your personal risk of developing breast cancer for women aged 30+
OneStop Skin Clinic
Fast appointments for mole removal with no need for a GP referral.