Summary pricing of all our services

Private Cancer Test  



Bowel Cancer Screening  BowelCheck £85
Breast Cancer  - diagnostics  OneStop Breast Clinic £250*
Breast Cancer - screening  Mammograms  £230
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment MyBreastRisk  £295
Skin Cancer Screening  SkinCheck  £175
Skin Lesion and Mole Removal  OneStop Skin Clinic   POA
Cervical Cancer Screening  HPVCheck  £99
Lung Cancer Screening  LungCheck £195 
Prostate Cancer Screening  PSACheck  £85
Genetic Testing  1-hour phone consultation
with a genetic counsellor
Gene Test  BRCA 1 & 2 Plus  £1,400
Gene Test  OvarianGene £1,400
Gene Test  ProstateGene  £1,400
Gene Test  BowelGene £1,400
Gene Test  Single Site Testing  £630
Gene Test  Ashkenazi Jewish Founder Testing  £630

* for clinics outside of London. £270 for clinics in London